OPINION: Open Later To Hon. Ahmad Babba Kaita By Mustapha Sama’ila Ingawa


I start by greeting you in a virtuous manner.

Sir, you are one of the bests if not the best of the representatives this constituency(kankia/kusada/ingawa) has ever had. I commend your day and night efforts to elevate the standard of our constituency,because many people especially those around us are wishing that they were under your leadership, considering your relentless and tireless efforts to docile the unemployment bedevailing our educated youth, excessive penury among the masses and also food security in the constituency.

Concerning the recent SCAM in the #2016BUDGET firstly presented by president Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration to the NASS joint section in december, ideally the NASS should be blamed if not because of the recent vindications made by some anonymous sources of the upper and lower chambers of the NASS which corroborated that the NASS budget and appropriation comittee is completely to be blamed since the bill was passed appropriately in both the chambers

Despite believing with the exoneration made by the sources, I still urge you sir, to double your efforts especially in the chamber to vehemently proove your meritorious support in the deliverance of change promises made by your party during the campaigns of 2015 general elections and to defend the interest of the masses in your constituency

Finally sir, I am optimistic that your hands were clean in the budget padding. Against this background, I am urging you to remain steadfast and also divulge to the best of your ability any movement to sabotage the change processes.


M. S. Ingawa(B.Eng in view)

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