Goat empowerment: Shema focused on literates, we focus on rural women -Speaker Muduru


Aliyu Sabiu Ibrahim, Speaker of Katsina State House of Assembly, has reacted to the controversy generated by the purchase of goats for women in the state. The 33-year old, told Youths Digest yesterday in an interview that it was unfortunate that Katsina was ridiculed for carrying out a unique women empowerment initiative.

He said: “Some people misunderstood the idea behind the purchase of the goats for women empowerment. The goats were bought to encourage husbandry rather than just giving them money for any business.“With focus on diversification of the economy to agriculture, even on low scale can boost their purchasing power.

The beneficiaries were giving male and female goats for mass reproduction. People should know that rural women will take care of the goat they will never go and sell. ”Ibrahim said critics do not understand the peculiarity of each state and region, adding that while the last administration helped literate women in Katsina Central, the current focuses more on rural women.“We want people to know they voted for change. I grew up in the village where I used to buy sheep while I was in secondary school. I would then give to my brothers and cousins who would rear them for me and when she delivers, they take one, I also take one. That was how we used to do it.

“All women must benefit from democracy, our allocations and revenue are meant for all Katsina citizens not certain groups, not for the governor or legislators.“Before giving out the goats, the state empowered so many youths, we obtained about N2billion loan from the central bank. We gave outN20,000 and N10,000 to youths. “When you do something new you face challenges, since people did not do that before. Our government is on the table not under the table. so we face a lot of challenges,” the speaker added.

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