I am highly delighted to be with you this morning on the issue of what is written at the top of my article.

I must begin by commending the efforts of my Governor, Honourable Commissioner for Education and other relevance stake holders who are struggling towards the improvement of quality education in Katsina State.

No state or Nation in particular ever grows without hard work, patriotism and honesty.

Free and compulsory primary education should be encouraged in Katsina because primary education is the foundation-stone of the other formal education and it is, therefore, the springboard to economic and social advancement. No State can meet the challenges of the modern world of science without formal education. The education of the child begins at primary school, since most families do not have the opportunity of sending their children to nursery and kindergarten schools; therefore, free and compulsory primary education should be encouraged in Katsina state.

Primary school education is quite indispensable in the life of the child. It is in the primary school that the child learns to associate with the members of his peer group other than those of his immediate home and family environment. He is exposed to learning situations in which the agents of instruction are adults who may not be related to him. It is in this way that the child learns to associate with others and this helps him to develop appropriate adaptive behaviour in later life. The primary school must be seen as an important agent of socialization. Therefore, to deprive a child of the experience of primary education is to make him social misfit.

The constitution of Nigeria provides that every citizen has the right to education. The nation cannot operate an authentic constitution if certain constitutional provisions are recklessly contradicted.

~Ahmad Ganga.

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