The quality of teachers/lecturers in our schools across the board today is nothing to write home about, as many of them are employed on the basis of “who you know” at the expense of merit.

To check the quality of teachers/lecturers in our schools, the government as well as education stakeholders in the private institutions must embark on the conduct of periodic test and screenings for teachers to ascertain the quality of education they impart to our students. Teachers and lecturers should be encouraged to improve on their teaching skills and academic qualifications in order to meet current global teaching standards. Training and retraining exercises should also be organized for them to acquaint them with the use of computers and relevant teaching tools.

Another way to improve our educational standard is through regular review of our schools’ curricula to accommodate new topics. Topics bordering on entrepreneurial and computer skills should be included. Subjects that teach creativity and innovativeness should be introduced across the board in educational institutions. Last but not least is the welfare package of teachers. Money and good working environment are two major motivating factors for workers. Therefore, good teaching environment should be provided for them and their salaries paid as and when due.

There should be a system in place to reward hardworking teachers/lecturers and punish the lazy ones. It should also be noted that regular review of teachers/lecturers salaries will help put an end to incessant strikes in our schools.

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