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A statement posted by Isah Bara’u Zakka on his timeline which was subsequently shared by some other members of my media team has generated varied responses and reactions, capable of unsettling the stability of our amity and party.

Let it be on record that I am a party man and a party loyalist who believe that there are available channels of communicating grievances maturedly without resorting to openness that may muddle up the message and its intended import. These will always be explored whenever such a need arise.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have taken this route to react on this issue if not for the direct attacks my person received from some of the social media boys attached to the party office. This I am doing not only to correct them that they cannot abuse party men that have a concern to express but to set records straight.

I am a leader of those who gave me their trusts and whatever they do, whether with or without my consent, has a way of rubbing on me. I will not deny them nor outrightly reject them more especially if their concern has merit as this one has. The only area where we differ may be the format used and the language employed to send the message. These I take exception to but not the message.

Anybody is free to come to PDP and I’ll be in the front row to receive him but we should be wary of record and intention. Ours is a concern for what will build us as a party not destroy us as a family, toiling day and night to give hope meaning. We are not investing our time, energy and resources in building the party so that we may later destroy it but rather we are building hope and a way out for you, me and the State. In doing that we must be sincere to ourselves that PDP is the only hope for the State as at now and whatever affects it will definitely affect millions that have put their hope on the party in the State. That hope is symbolised by me, AGF, Nashuni and Arch Ahmed Aminu Yaradua. This pack may look inadequate to you for now but still do not deride it as we have our value.

We cannot toy with this whether we are the party executives, elders, contestants or followers. Sincerity is key and sacrifice is necessary. We should build trust within the system that will take care of our fears not encourage diversion that is harmful.

I have no problem with whoever will be Governor of Katsina in so far he is adjudged qualified, capable and competent. To achieve that I am ready to give my best. In the same vein I will lead the fight against injustice, imposition and selfishness, vices that brought us to this sorry state, against whoever is involved. In this I pledge total disobedience to its likely purveyors.

I, therefore, call on my supporters to put this issue to rest and await the future as it is pregnant. Let us join hands in building a viable party in the State by educating those among us, who are unfortunately of the erroneous belief that 2019 is a done deal, that the task a head is bigger than they think, and to walk it we must move beyond simplistic opportunism and work hard. To think APC is doing our job for us is akin to wanting to eat without working for the food.

PDP was in government and is in the opposition now. It has never known this life before. We can’t be out of government and still want to live the life of those in government with all of its affluence and opportunities. We must adjust to that reality. In doing that we should equally be conscious of what lie ahead and how best to navigate it.

The leadership of the party owe us fairness while we owe them obeisance. These are mutual and should not be taken for granted if success is what we want to achieve.


Abdulrahaman Haruna Danja

D.G Social Media Of Umar Tata


Umar Tata



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