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This is Abdulmalik Kabir Yaro, a wonderful son of my friend from childhood. Abdulmalik lost his younger brother to leukemia about 4 weeks ago. This morning he’s dead, killed (read, executed) by a local gang. Abdulmalik’s offense which earned him death sentence in the court of this gang was his effort to stop the wayward […]


Opinion: Open Letter to Ex-Governor Ibrahim Shema – By Danladi Abubakar Filin Polo

Your Excellency, the former Governor of Katsina State Alhaji Ibrahim Shehu Shema, I hope this letter finds you in the way you have chosen to live. As a Pro, in 1998 some various groups and organizations, including the groups known as G-18 and G- 34 formed the PDP pivoted on centrist policies in the political […]

Opinion: An elaborative write up on Zobe Dam, Katsina state – By Abdulkadir Ahmad Safana

One of the largest water bodies in Nigeria with huge irrigation potential is  wasting away. The construction of Zobe Dam in Dutsinma, Katsina state  began in 1972,  but up to date, funding of this project has not stopped. Billions of Naira has been awarded continuously to complete this project, but the days go on and water is […]

Opinion: Bring back our President – By Dikko Muhammad

#BRING_BACK_OUR_PRESIDENT Funny as it may sound, it is time we stage protest to reclaim the General we have voted for in 2015. The integrity of our President is still as it was in the years back -unchallenged by friends and foes. BUT, the story from 2015 to the present is full of BUTS, unexpected twists […]

OPINION: Unemployment in Nigeria: The Missing Road – By Dr. Ahmed Adamu

When we had Youth Round Table Discussion with the Nigerian Senate President in October 2017, I made some comments regarding unemployment, which I would like to expatiate below. As at last quarter of 2016, the Nigerian unemployment rate was 14.2%, which means in every 100 Nigerians at least 14 of them are unemployed, which means […]

Read what Masari said about attack on Ibrahim Coommasie’s residence

Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has issued a statement condemning the attack on a former Inspector General of Police (IG) and Sardauna Katsina, Alhaji Ibrahim Commassie’s residence at Katsina GRA Saturday night by unidentified gunmen, which led to the death of a police officer with another one seriously injured. This is contained in […]

OPINION: Masari and the politics of 2019 – By Muhammad Galadanchi

The very fragile relationship between President Muhammadu Buhari and Aminu Masari, the Governor of his home state, Katsina, is about to be further fractured. The relationship between both men has been held together more by political expediency, than any shared world vision and values. Both men are strange bedfellows, and have remained so apart, despite […]

Sabuwa Local Government: An area sidelined in Masari’s Administration By Comr. Shamsu Ibrahim And Comr. Jabir Abubakar

Sabuwa Local Government: An area sidelined in Masari’s Administration By Comr. Shamsu Ibrahim Sabuwa 08144743363 Shamsuibrahimsba@gmail.com And Comr. Jabir Abubakar Sabuwa 08104580001, 08146203121 Jabeersmart4real@gmail.com Sabuwa or (Sabua) is a Local Government Area in Katsina State, Nigeria. It Headquarters are in the town of Sabuwa. It shares a border with Kaduna State at 11 0 10`00“N […]

OPINION: Shema, defection and Katsina PDP – By Umar Tata 

Anybody who is conversant with the obsessive antics of the Katsina led APC government of Aminu Bello Masari will undoubtedly be confused as to why the only singular commitment of the the government is claiming to have PDP ‘bigwigs’ moving over to APC. One wonders if there are no people of mean and personality in […]

OPINION: The phantom idea of a quixotic Masari/Mangal coup against Buhari – By Maiwada Dammalam

THE PHANTOM IDEA OF A QUIXOTIC MASARI/MANGAL COUP AGAINST BUHARI – Maiwada Dammallam Much as I find it reasonable to expect and ignore absurdities or even outright nonsensicalness, it’s important to address a rather outlandish article making rounds on the internet. Titled “The Aminu Masari, Dahiru Mangal Political Coup Against Buhari”, the article, written by […]